OK, so my computer parts arrived yesterday, around noonish. i spent about 15 hours (i wish that was an exaggeration, but i’m serious) yesterday trying to get the damned thing to boot up, ended up having to go out and replace the video card (it got zapped when the old computer died, apparently)- i ended up with an All-in-wonder 9600 pro. so all told i’ve spent nearly $1000 this week trying to get this computer back up fo snuff.
So after the 15 hours i finally got it to run an install of windows 2000- and, lo and behold, the windows 2000 disk is just flaky enough that it somehow figured out a way to skip past the account creation phase of the install, but the install otherwise went perfectly. so i’ve got a windows 2000 login screen with no accounts to log into. MUST DESTROY BILL GATES. anyway, now I have to re-install it again. why oh why cant these things ever be simple?

Various and sundry meanderings

Ok, I finally thought of something I should have thought of months and months ago- i have the laptop computer hooked up to my wireless mouse and keyboard, and my big flat panel monitor. WHY did it take me 9 months to think of it, and WHY did I only think of it AFTER I finally ordered the replacement parts to fix the desktop? It makes the experience of using this computer so much better. I finally feel like i’m back in my element, surrounded by my computer component graveyard. Oh yeah, I fogot to post about ordering the replacement parts for the desktop =)
I went with an Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe motherboard, and an Athlon XP 3200+. And oh yeah, a gig of PC-4200 DDR =) All in all a pretty nifty upgrade. Only wish it hadnt cost so damned much. This time I did the smart thing and bought an extended warranty, so if anythign goes wrong in the installation of the thing, i’ll be covered. Hopefully, I wont need to take advantage of that.
Things are a bit better at work than they were, but I still think I need to get the hell out of there in the very near future. Checked out monster.com, and there are a few interesting possibilties for paid internships that could lead to better things.. I’ll have to look into those.

I fucking hate my job

Busiest day EVER. Didn’t get a moment’s peace the entire night. it was one messed up mishap after another. had someone break a bottle of iced tea in the middle of the floor and then leave without letting us know they did it. Didn’t discover it until God knows how long later, when I happened to be out on the floor straightening the shelves. Not only did the person who broke it not bother to tell us, but lord knows how many other customers AFTERWARDS didn’t bother saying anyhing either. And a little bit later, someone spilled coffee all over the damned floor! and guess what- they didnt say anything either! fortunately that time another customer almost slipped on it before we stumbled upon it, so naturally she came bitching to me about it. AAAAARGH. Bunch of savages in this town! And then to top the perfect night off, the person who was supposed to relieve me didnt show up until almost 2 hours after they were supposed to get there, so i had to stay late.

Just finished watching this week’s Angel

It’s about friggin time they mentioned all the new slayers running around in the world. I would have thought the whole thing would be having a major impact on the world, but apparently not. and wow- Andrew’s a watcher. Go fig.