I leave for Cali-fornia the day after tomorrow! I WANT IT TO BE NOW! I can’t wait! I’M GOIN TO DISNEYLAND too! AND SLEEPING IN AN OVERCROWDED HOTEL ROOM! How fun is THAT?! In case anyone reading this is not also reading the FFML community, i’m gonna be posting a con report as-it-happens (I’M CLEVERER THAN !) on with pictures and everything, so read it! And comment! Do you get the idea that i’m EXCITED?! BECAUSE I AM!!2!!!!!!

and are having sweet, creamy buttsex!
once kept locked up in their basement for eight months.
, , , … Everyone knows what you got upto that day.
, we all know the truth, come out of the closet.
got drunk and naked, and took photos. downloaded them.
knows the truth about and .

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