Holy shit… how the HELL did this quiz manage to get my chosen form of worship so goddamned perfect?

Which Egyptian God/Goddess Suits You Best by shini K
The God/Goddess that best represents youQetesh (Goddess of love and Beauty)
Your chosen form of worshipBecome a carnivore (because killing vegitables is Wrong!)
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Jeezum crow, what a night…

First I go into work and find out that one of the people who died in that car accident last night is one of my former co-workers, Mike Hepler. I only worked with him for a few months, but still.. pretty upsetting. Then, I come home from work and my mother tells me that they received a call from my godmother’s daughter last night saying she’s dying from liver failure.

I’m not normally the religious type, but I think I’m gonna be saying a few prayers tonight…