It’s official

Jack Thompson is an asshole.

I’ve been watching CNN to get the latest news on the shootings that happened today at Virginia Tech. About an hour ago, I made a comment on my Twitter account wondering how long it would be before Jack Thompson would be popping up to blame this on video games. I figured it’d be a few days from now. I underestimated him

As of the time I’m writing this update, the shooter hasn’t even been IDENTIFIED yet. Many of the victims are still undergoing emergency surgery to try to save their lives. 32 people are dead. And Jack Thompson has shown up on Fox News to once again blame the video game industry for another tragedy.

At least at the moment, there is absolutely NO reason to point blame at the video game industry. We don’t even know who pulled the trigger, let alone if they EVER played a video game in their life. Yet somehow, Jack is able to say that video games drove them to it.

The man is scum. The florida bar should have kicked his ass out YEARS ago.