Hooray for not being dead!

Had a bit of an electrical mishap earlier today. My mother was complaining about an odd smell coming from her computer last night, so after I got back from class today, I go to investigate. I get down under the desk to un-plug her battery backup thing (it’s not a real UPS), and I get ZAPPED real good. and oh yeah, sparks came flying out of the wall. For like a good two minutes. It’s a G-D miracle that 1) I’m not dead and in fact came out mostly unscathed and 2) The house didn’t burn to the ground. Power’s off to that outlet now. Not sure if her computer is gonna be salvagable after that. Probably not. Fortunately, she has a Comp-USA warranty on it, and they’ll supposedly replace it no questions asked. We’ll have to see.

Soon, we get to try the funnest activity ever- replacing an electrical outlet! YAY!

3 Responses to “Hooray for not being dead!”

  1. mia Says:

    oh my gooshness. you could have been electrocuted.. next time wear rubber gloves or something?


  2. Administrator Says:

    next time I unplug something? Seems a bit overkillish.

  3. Doc_Cathode Says:

    I suspect you actually are dead. But, being a human/Deep One hybrid, it isn’t really noticable yet. Only as your human tissue is replaced by fish/frog cells will people notice.

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