Anime Expo day 2 part 1- More lines, more Azumanga, and where the hell is Paul?

So we all woke up this morning and started talking about how we were going to spend the day.  In the middle of this, Paul walked out the door without a word to anyone, and hasn’t been seen since.    I lost the USB cable for my camera some time during the night, so now in addition to it not working, i’m not even sure where it is.   Jason did have an SD card reader, though, and he let me use it to get the pictures off my card.  I’m currently in the process of uploading them here.  Anyway, after the pictures were transferred, Hunter and I decided to make a run to the dealer’s room.   In a further demonstration of stupidity by the anime expo staff, they made us LINE UP to get into the dealer’s room by taking an escalator down to the convention center basement, lining up in one of the exhibit halls down there, riding an escalator back upstairs to another exhibit hall, exiting through a door RIGHT NEXT to the escalator we had taken down in the first place, down a hallway (right behind the AX merchandise table, where any persn in line could have just grabbed a stack of t-shirts or whatnot and gone completely unnoticed), and up to the door of the exhibit hall. They were stopping people from going directly into the hall, but they were NOT setting any limits on how many people could be in the room or anything like that.   It’s like they have to have a “system” for EVERYTHING, whether or not there’s a good reason for it.  They didn’t even pull it off well, as there were plenty of places where someone could have just cut in line with no problem.    Anyway, I ended up buying a bunch of Manga as well as the first season of Magic Knights Rayearth on DVD.  Tokyopop was having a special deal where if you bought the first issue of some new manga series (whose name eludes me at the moment)  they would give you a coupon to get a free in-and-out burger from a truck they had set up outside the con.  I’d never had an In-and-Out burger before, and the creator of the manga was there signing copies, so I went ahead and bought a copy and had it signed.  Then I went and got my free burger and went back to the hotel.  That was the best damned cheeseburger i’ve ever had.   I wish they had those places on the east coast.   Anyway, that brings us up to date for now.  Hunter, Jason and I are sitting here in the room watching the Azumanga Daioh DVDs that Hunter bought in the dealers room.   Received a call from Paul a few minutes ago, and he apparently just decided he wanted to do his own thing today, so he’s been out wandering the con.  Jesse seems to have gotten himself eternally lost in the dealers room, according to Jason.  Arty is off at some panel for some manga artist i’ve never heard of.   We’re not quite sure where Leland is.   We don’t really have any solid plans for tonight.  We’ll probably end up trying to sneak into AX Idol.  Failing that, we’ll sit here and watch more Azumanga Daioh and play games.  

I expect to have those pictures up shortly.

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  1. doc_cathode Says:

    Terrible photos. That cosplay chick is NOT half naked! And the proper thing to do would have been to approach her, ask to take her picture, and say ‘I really think it would be truer to the character if you exposed your nipples.’

  2. sorae Says:

    Hurrah for Azumanga. Deeblite sucks. Hunter 4 3v4r!!!

    CD out! (see what I did there? omg!)