Goblet of Fire movie thoughts

Would have greatly benefitted from being 15 minutes longer.  Waaaaay too much was cut.   The scene after Harry came out of the Pensieve should have been much longer.   We should have seen at least a little bit of the Dursleys- they weren’t even mentioned.   Lots of other stuff, too, but I won’t go into it the rest.  Also, what was up with the performances by the other schools as they walked into the great hall at the beginning?  Totally superfluous, totally not in the books.  Wasted time that could have been better used.   Same for the extended scene with the dragon.      General opinion:  Not as bad as I was afraid it would be, not as good as I was hoping it would be.    

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  1. mooglegirl Says:

    That’s pretty much how I felt about it. I knew they left a lot of stuff from the book out, and I knew there were plotholes, but I didn’t realize how many until someone who hadn’t read the books started asking me questions about the movie. haha. >>

    Too much junk, not enough substance! I know they have a huge budget and want to make use of most of it with special effects: that’s fine, I can handle that. But wtf. 🙁