From what Kierstal says in her journal it seems that Harper‘is mental state has taken a turn for the worse since his arrest. If my intervention had anything to do with that… well, I cant apologize enough, to Kierstal et al. Something I seem to be doing a lot regarding that trip (PAUL I’M SORRY!!!!)

On a less depressing note (slightly) I finally finished Legacy of Kain; Soul Reaver 2 last night. Now I just have to go back and play the first 3 games in the series! I’ve become obsessed.

On a MUCH less depressing note… California here I come! The last obstacle preventing me from going to Anime Expo has been taken away, so I’ll be able to attend the convention this year! weeeee! Maybe I’ll even spend a day at Disneyland while I’m out there. We’ll see what happens.

Wawa’s been as annoying as usual lately. I think I’m getting used to being on register, finally. Which is a good thing, since when my promotion finally goes through (this coming Friday!) I’m probably gonna be stuck up there most of the time *sigh*. Ah well.

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  1. anonymous Says:

    I’ve told you already, fuhgeddaboutit. I wanted to go as much as you. Both in arriving and leaving, I might add.

    -You Know Who