Still in Florida

Ugh. I had to sign up for an AOL account last night. My grandfather wanted me to print something from last night, and I couldn’t get his printer to work on this computer. It’s running windows XP, he only had the Windows 95 drivers, and I couldn’t get them from the manufacturers web page since they dont exist anymore. The only thing I could do was get an Internet connection on HIS computer, and since I couldn’t use the netzero account on it (since it didn’t have the software installed and I had no way to get it on there), I had to use one of the plethora of AOL cds he had laying around. Since AOL doesn’t let you set it up to charge to the phone bill anymore, I had to use my credit card to get an account. I feel so dirty.

Been playing a lot of the playstation 2 Superman game the last two days (just got myself a copy of it at BJ’s yesterday). It’s actually a lot of fun- thousands of times better than that craptastic N64 superman game. Also picked up a copy of Half-Life for the ps2 (they were both super-cheap, so I figured “why not”?) which is pretty much the same as the PC version but with much worse loading time.

I think I’m gonna have to try to download an archive of the SitC FTP to this notebook computer so I can get to work on an update while I’m here. I’m not sure how long that’ll take on this dialup connection, though, and I don’t wanna tie up my grandparent’s phone for extended periods. Well, I can always try it and cancel it if it’s taking too long.

My knee’s been acting up the last few days as well. I’m thinking I might have re-torn the cartilage (SP?) that the surgeon repaired when I went under the knife ten years ago. God, I hope not. That as an EXTREMELY unpleasant experience.

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  1. anonymous Says:

    Sorry, been distracted by work and such. I’ll try to keep an ear out for you.

    -You Know Who