From what Kierstal says in her journal it seems that Harper‘is mental state has taken a turn for the worse since his arrest. If my intervention had anything to do with that… well, I cant apologize enough, to Kierstal et al. Something I seem to be doing a lot regarding that trip (PAUL I’M SORRY!!!!)

On a less depressing note (slightly) I finally finished Legacy of Kain; Soul Reaver 2 last night. Now I just have to go back and play the first 3 games in the series! I’ve become obsessed.

On a MUCH less depressing note… California here I come! The last obstacle preventing me from going to Anime Expo has been taken away, so I’ll be able to attend the convention this year! weeeee! Maybe I’ll even spend a day at Disneyland while I’m out there. We’ll see what happens.

Wawa’s been as annoying as usual lately. I think I’m getting used to being on register, finally. Which is a good thing, since when my promotion finally goes through (this coming Friday!) I’m probably gonna be stuck up there most of the time *sigh*. Ah well.

Still haven’t gotten the hang of this “regularly updating” journal thing

Quite a rough day at work today. Busy, busy, busy. Abington high school’s senior prom was tonight, so naturally we sold out of condoms. AGAIN. *sigh* God forbid these people have some measure of self control. Freaking rabbits.

We’ve got these new stuffed pretzels at Wawa, and they are DEEEEEEElicious. Both kinds, even. They’re even SELLING well. Naturally, this means they’ll be discontinuing them within the month.

Watched Matrix Reloaded when I got home tonight. I still don’t see what the big deal is about this series. It’s not BAD, but its not spectacular either.

Rough night..

Just got done the absolute worst night at wawa EVER, including the night I cut off my finger. It was so friggin busy that I wasn’t able to get out the door until after midnight. Well with a little luck, at least I wont be on register tomorrow.


THIS song I HATE. Why do I even HAVE this?!