Still in Florida

Ugh. I had to sign up for an AOL account last night. My grandfather wanted me to print something from last night, and I couldn’t get his printer to work on this computer. It’s running windows XP, he only had the Windows 95 drivers, and I couldn’t get them from the manufacturers web page since they dont exist anymore. The only thing I could do was get an Internet connection on HIS computer, and since I couldn’t use the netzero account on it (since it didn’t have the software installed and I had no way to get it on there), I had to use one of the plethora of AOL cds he had laying around. Since AOL doesn’t let you set it up to charge to the phone bill anymore, I had to use my credit card to get an account. I feel so dirty.

Been playing a lot of the playstation 2 Superman game the last two days (just got myself a copy of it at BJ’s yesterday). It’s actually a lot of fun- thousands of times better than that craptastic N64 superman game. Also picked up a copy of Half-Life for the ps2 (they were both super-cheap, so I figured “why not”?) which is pretty much the same as the PC version but with much worse loading time.

I think I’m gonna have to try to download an archive of the SitC FTP to this notebook computer so I can get to work on an update while I’m here. I’m not sure how long that’ll take on this dialup connection, though, and I don’t wanna tie up my grandparent’s phone for extended periods. Well, I can always try it and cancel it if it’s taking too long.

My knee’s been acting up the last few days as well. I’m thinking I might have re-torn the cartilage (SP?) that the surgeon repaired when I went under the knife ten years ago. God, I hope not. That as an EXTREMELY unpleasant experience.

Hello from sunny Florida

Ok, so it’s 1 in the morning- its not all that sunny right now. But whatever. I’m sitting here in my Grandmother’s sewing room, using my shitty NetZero free dial up connection. I never realized just how used to broadband I’d gotten. This is absolutely painful. Well at least the trip down here was pleasant enough. I just put my music on and zoned out while the ‘rents did the driving. Made it a lot less painful than the trip used to be, lemme tell ya.

Slept in a Hampton Inn in Florence, SC last night- that bed was more comfortable than my own bed. Further proof that I need to replace that POS bed I’ve got in my room as soon as possible.

I’m thinking I might need to sign up for NetZero’s platinum service for this month at least. I’ve only got 10 hours to use here, and I’ve already used like two of them.. and I’ve only been here one day. Probably worth it- then I’ll be able to use it in California when I go out to Anime expo. Well, we’ll see what happens.

On a semi-related note… during the trip down here I wasn’t able to check my e-mail for two whole days. Ouch- when I finally got connected, I found that I’d received MORE THAN 400 EMAILS. I’m still sifting through ’em. Also found out I had to configure my e-mail program to use Netzero’s SMTP server to send my e-mail… they must block access to any other server on port 25. Grumble grumble. Ah well. It’s a minor annoyance. I’ll get over it.

Paul, if you’re reading this- sign on AIM sometime soon. We need to discuss the final plans for the California trip.