I just saw a commercial on TV about men teaching young boys that violence towards women is wrong, and it got me thinking.. Why did that ridiculous idea become so widespread?  How is violence towards women somehow worse than violence towards men?  Violence of ANY kind is bad, but it doesn’t somehow become worse just because the victim is female and the perpetrator is male.  That double standard REALLY pisses me off. 

LJ Interests meme results

  1. battle royale:
    Great movie, great manga, great book
  2. ffml:
    FFML4LIFE yo!
    http://www.ffml.org for the one person reading this who probably has no clue
  3. free stuff:
    Who doesn’t like free stuff?
  4. l33t h@x0ring:
  5. monkeys:
    Who doesn’t like monkeys?
  6. not going to clubs:
    Definitely not. Yuck.
  7. playing more volleyball:
    See: FFML
  8. roast chocobos:
  9. talking to friends:
    HAHAHAHA not really.
  10. video games:
    More like

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