I accidentally earned another degree

At the end of last semester, I graduated from the Computer Systems program. I am starting to work on Electronic Game and Simulation Design this semester, but I didn’t want to change my major until I knew for a fact that I was going to get credit for graduating. I finally found out that I was, so today I went to the office and put in the change of major form.

Tonight, I decided to log on and check to see if it had gone through yet. I noticed that I was listed as a liberal studies major- which is no big deal, as thats what the default major is. It just means the change hasn’t gone through yet. But on a whim, I decided to run a program evaluation on liberal studies just to see what it said- and, lo and behold, the Pre-calculus class I’m currently enrolled in as part of the game design program is the one and only class I need to graduate as a liberal studies major. So, in the process of working on two degrees, it seems I’m going to completely accidentally earn a third.

Aint that crazy?

One thought on “I accidentally earned another degree”

  1. the thing I don’t get is, for seperate degrees here at UH (well, BA’s, not AA’s, so I dunno) you need to have individual core requirements, etc., that is, if you use it for one degree, you cannot use it for another.

    This isn’t so if you do a double major, such as what I am doing, but I believe I will only be getting one certificate, it will just be a single BA, both in Political Science and Religion, not a BA in PoliSci and a BA in religion.

    Anyways have fun with your manydegrees

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