I don’t write blog posts often enough

Why do I even have a blog anymore? I post something like once every 6 months. Should I delete it? Melissa tells me I should post about how wonderful she is, but I think people would get sick of reading about that after I did it once or twice.

Mice should not have ears grafted onto their backs.

3 Responses to “I don’t write blog posts often enough”

  1. mia Says:

    you should write every now and then so people like me who readyour blog know you you are alive!

    🙂 glad you are doing well!

    i definitely agree about the more mice. how horrible…

  2. Melissa Says:

    Can you please mention that I was joking and I’m not really *quite* that egotistical?

  3. hunter Says:

    sometimes i write about how awesome my girlfriend is so maybe it’d be cool to write about how awesome your girlfriend is although if she’s truly as egotistical as you lead me to believe, I am not quite sure if she is so awesome, no sir.

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