DART303 Project 1 images

Making this post here because I’ve run out of storage in my Penn State account. Here is my work statement and my final renders for project 1.

I’ve designed the StrideSaver 3000, a delightfully impractical sit-and-stroll robot, as a response to the problem many people have of motivating themselves to get enough exercise. This project is an exploration of creative design and the humorous side of problem-solving, demonstrating that even the most whimsically impractical concepts can ignite amusement.

The StrideSaver 3000 is all about reimagining exercise in a playful manner. Its design marries a walking robot with the absurdity of getting your steps in from a chair.  It encourages users to embrace a humorous twist on fitness. This playful spirit is evident in the robot’s cartoonish design (inspired by Spongebob Squarepants), its user-friendly interface, and its entertaining quirks. In invites viewers to engage with fitness in an entertaining and entirely fanciful way.

Creating the StrideSaver 3000 reinforced the idea that sometimes, the most memorable solutions arise from embracing the absurd, even if it means indulging in self-delusion.

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