I don’t write blog posts often enough

Why do I even have a blog anymore? I post something like once every 6 months. Should I delete it? Melissa tells me I should post about how wonderful she is, but I think people would get sick of reading about that after I did it once or twice.

Mice should not have ears grafted onto their backs.


I am writing something in my blog.   Something good or funny or interesting or epic or inspiring or expiring or I don’t know.  Oh stop it.   What’s graphite lubricant?   Is it for lubricating graphite?   Or is it lubricant made from graphite?  You should know, there’s some right on your desk.  That’s an awful commercial.  I think I have to dislike Dunkin Donuts now, for making such an awful commercial.  Now you’re making me all self-concious about talking. 

Blogged with Flock


I’m a bit addled at the moment. I’m not going to say why, but I said that I would post something about it on my blog, so I am. Not sure how comfortable I feel discussing it here, though. Maybe more to come on the subject at some later date, I don’t know.

Wow. Just, wow.