I don’t write blog posts often enough

March 13th, 2008

Why do I even have a blog anymore? I post something like once every 6 months. Should I delete it? Melissa tells me I should post about how wonderful she is, but I think people would get sick of reading about that after I did it once or twice.

Mice should not have ears grafted onto their backs.


February 19th, 2008

I am writing something in my blog.   Something good or funny or interesting or epic or inspiring or expiring or I don’t know.  Oh stop it.   What’s graphite lubricant?   Is it for lubricating graphite?   Or is it lubricant made from graphite?  You should know, there’s some right on your desk.  That’s an awful commercial.  I think I have to dislike Dunkin Donuts now, for making such an awful commercial.  Now you’re making me all self-concious about talking. 

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Computer animation gone wrong

December 6th, 2007

This is the result of a semester of work. Isn’t that sad?

Hare Hare Yukai behind bars

November 27th, 2007

Remember the prison in the Phillipines that had the prisoners dance Thriller?  Well, they’re at it again.  This time to dramatically geekier effect

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November 7th, 2007

I’m a bit addled at the moment. I’m not going to say why, but I said that I would post something about it on my blog, so I am. Not sure how comfortable I feel discussing it here, though. Maybe more to come on the subject at some later date, I don’t know.

Wow. Just, wow.

"Blogged with Flock” removed

November 5th, 2007

Apparently it’s a plainly visible option that I just overlooked.